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You think you can easily converse in a foreign country because you attended never-ending language classes? Sorry to say: You can’t!

At Culture Chat, we believe that discovering places with locals is the most immersive way to learn their language, vocabulary, local accent, customs and of course…, their culture. It also helps to open your vision to the world. Thanks to our “Cc Guides” who share their way-of-life, there will be no ending to your discovery!

Culture Chat

Presentation of a new social concept

Book your Cc Guide today to start your cultural trip while practicing foreign languages online!

Unlike traditional travel, the experience offered by Culture Chat is 100% digitalized and you will meet our worldwide local Cc Guides online, from the comfort of your own home. They will help you discover their cultures while dialoging directly with you thus improving a language you wish to practice and finally… learn.  You will be immersed in the cultures of our worldwide Cc Guides! They will introduce you to their regions which will give you a head start before deciding to go visit by yourself! Thanks to your Culture Chat experience, it will lead you to get the habit of listening to regional accents, learn local vocabulary and expressions while getting to know the culture of the place.

Culture Chat aims to connect you with people from all around the world. What could be more immersive than chatting directly with locals? If you plan a future trip, wish to visit exotic places, prepare for immigration or simply want to chat with someone on the other side of the planet… all this is now possible online.

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Start speaking foreign languages for real with Culture Chat!

Culture Chat home page

Discover all the cultures and languages spoken by our Cc Guides as part of an ever-evolving community. All you have to do is choose! The next step? Book and you’ll be in touch the Cc Guide you have chosen via a videoconference through Zoom. Even though your Cc Guide introduces you to his culture, you are also the actor of your interaction with him. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions for a tailor-made experience! Optimize your time by collecting information directly from the source.

You can participate in “Cc Events”. These special group activities are held by the Cc Guides who give free rein to their imagination to organize cultural events that will stimulate your curiosity! It is possible to register for visits to regional monuments or parks, attend local cooking classes or participate to online wine tastings with a visit of the wine cellars! You can view all the upcoming Cc Events in our Cc Calendar.

Culture Chat gets you the closest to the cultures of the world.

Cc Session

Chat online live by videoconference with one of our worldwide Cc Guides!

Culture Chat Cc Guide

Several packages are available to choose from with discounted prices for a one-to-one Cc Session. You will have a videoconference and speak live to the Cc Guide of your choice who will introduce you to the culture in their language! You can meet people and visit the world online!


Ask them any question about the region you are fond of and get familiar with their accent and local vocabulary.

Cc Event

Online group events where our worldwide Cc Guides share regional activities!

Culture Chat rates prices packages

Join the fun of a group excursion online to discover the culture and festivities from around the planet! You can visit cities, monuments, see marvelous landscapes, and many other activities that will pique your curiosity and wake your sense of exoticism. Follow cuisine classes from around the world and an exclusivity invented by Culture Chat… the Online Wine Tasting, all this in the comfort of your own home!

A real exchange

Discover another culture with people around the world who share your interests in a one-to-one exchange.

A worldwide platform

Choose your destination around the globe with our various Cc Guides and enjoy the trip!

An extraordinary experience

Experience unique moments by sharing a culture. Your Cc Guide will be there to accompany you in your discoveries.

Speak Like a Local Resident

To go beyond your language classes, practice local accents at the region of your choice around the world.

Travel The Globe

Get away from your daily routine life by spending time where you dream of being.

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You can speak in the language of your choice and discover the cultures of far away lands.

Our Offerings

The "Cc" of Culture Chat is a bargaining chip

Culture Chat Culture Coin

From the beginning, Culture Chat has been willing to enhance cultural and linguistic exchanges. As far as payments are concerned, we wanted our Users of various and diverse countries not to be separated by currencies, but on the contrary, come together and share under one banner. Therefore we created the “Cc”. This token will allow you to pay at a discounted price for your videoconferences with our Cc Guides and to access a universe of discoveries and exchanges that will soon become a norm in the world of culture.

Our Cc Packs

Different Cc Packs are available to satisfy any budget, allowing you to fulfill your travelling desires for discovering cultures of the world. Whether you wish to visit regions and chat with our Cc Guides by curiosity, or you would like to know if you would like to travel to a specific region, plan to move to another part of the world, Culture Chat offers you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the place you have chosen. You can chat directly with a Cc Guide who will share his culture, his customs, lifestyle, language or dialect, and you can ask him any question you want concerning the region.

Business Pack

Give the opportunity to your students, employees or future nationals to discover cultures from around the world, thus enhancing their open-mindedness and knowledge with Culture Chat.


Complete your language classes with an enriching cultural sharing experience with a same level class for your students. Organizing interclass live sessions for your students to interact between themselves at the other side of the world has never been easier with Culture Chat!


Enhance your employees’ creativeness and motivation by promoting their broad-mindedness in discovering cultures with Culture Chat.
Develop your market share by understanding and communicating with different cultures around the world for your growth.


Do you want your new nationals to learn the fundamentals of your country before they arrive? Culture Chat will help them become familiar with your culture, your customs and traditions, your language, all this thanks to our Cc Guides.

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A suitable solution to change the way you see the world and discover cultures.

Culture Chat home page
Culture Chat home page
Culture Chat home page
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Don’t Dream Of Another Culture. Live it!

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