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March 2020. Time stops. You can feel tensions rising around the globe and people try to reunite as they can using social media resources and video live chats since almost the entire world is on a lockdown. Everyone was trying hard to contact a family member or a long forgotten relative, a friend, everyone they could to check on their well-being and to avoid feeling too lonely themselves. Virtual concerts were in full swing, everyone had their TVs lit to check on any daily improvement while the businesses were shutting down, the stores were starting to run out of basic goods, and only a few trades were still able to operate.

It is in this atmosphere that Lucas Blumenfeld wondered what could be done to help reunite people. It was time to find a solution on how to allow people escape their shutdown situation and change their mindsets, until better days would return.

Travelling was one of the principal breaches down deep inside. People were looking at previous vacation photos, finding places on the web they would love to discover once the bad days over.

To only way to help find a solution was in the fact of helping people come back together, to create a support allowing them to see through their four walls, to enhance their imagination, a support that would never let them down, a support that would bring an outcome for those deprived of their liberty.

Lucas then thought of an idea that would allow people to travel from the comfort of their homes.

Culture Chat was a revelation.

During the lockdowns, traditional online language courses experienced a boost for people who wanted to devote to learning a new language. But then again, no program allowed them to be totally immersed into another culture. It was time to break down the barriers that held them back.

Culture Chat adopted the slogan: "Don't dream of another culture. Live it!"

The best way to immerse yourself in a culture is to spend time alongside its people, experience its customs and traditions. And what better way to learn someone’s language than speaking directly to him, learning his local vocabulary, his dialect, hearing his accent?

Culture Chat brings you around the world to discover these people and cultures. Chat with our Cc Guides to feel what the other cultures are all about!

Romaric Blumenfeld and Kevin Prat, two childhood friends, were quickly seduced the idea. They both worked hard to help Lucas get this project off the ground.

Marina Audé, Tangui Blumenfeld, Loïc Berard, Basile Guyot-Pianetti and Lucas Pusset also joined the everyday growing team.

The first feedback on this project is very positive everywhere. They point to a new area of intercultural communication that, although digitalized, will allow many people to gather around their differences. And so, with Culture Chat, sharing a culture finally becomes an endless journey.

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Tangui Blumenfeld

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Benjamin Thiebaut

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Many thanks to Nathalie and Dinah for the brainstorming sessions during the creation!

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