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My name is Alec from New York, USA. Although I’ve studied many languages I only speak English fluently. I’ve taught SCUBA diving for the last 4 years including in the classroom with students from many countries and different ages. I’ve taught in Thailand, Zanzibar, India, and now Indonesia. Now I’m teaching online English as well. I’ve lived most of my life overseas so I’m very comfortable communicating with people at different backgrounds and English levels.

I love to travel. When I travel it’s usually on a budget so I can use my money on more adventures and seek out more places. I usually like to avoid the heavy tourist places and try to find what the locals would find interesting. I have lived in 8 countries and travelled to over 40! I love listening to electronic music, and going to shows and concerts. I love watching sci-fi, movies and sports, and like to spend time in the gym, beach, or in and around the ocean. Most of my travels will be influenced by what the ocean is like in these places. I like to see what is under the water as well as what is above it.

Over all I just like to get to see new places, meet new people, learn about more cultures, all while having fun. I am one of those that believe that wealth should not be calculated by money, but by experiences.

Region: Indonesia
Language: English

Points of Interest

Discover fabulous paradisiac islands under and above sea level!


Scuba Diving professional, gym workout


Lived in 8 and visited more than 40 countries!!!


Electronic music in all forms


Sci-Fi, Movies, Beach, Being in and near the Oceans

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