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Hello! 😊 My name is Allie (she/her), and I’d love to be your online Culture Chat Guide!

I am a Chinese adoptee who grew up and lived my whole life in Pennsylvania, USA. I currently live/work in Michigan with my partner and 2 cats.

There are many places in Michigan that I’ll be happy to show you. If you plan on studying here, well you have just found the right person to chat with to help you get on tracks.

My first language is English, but I minored in Korean during college and I also studied German in High School.

I’m happy to chat about anything from typical American everyday life to favorite dinner recipes, to cats, or anything in between!

If you are looking for a Culture Chat Guide who is energetic, talkative, and open-minded, look no further! I can’t wait to meet you 😊! I also have plenty of experience talking to international friends, so don’t worry if English isn’t your strong suit! 🙂

So join me in a fun chat today! 

Region: United States
Languages: English – Korean

Discover College Town Life in the American Midwest 🙂

Points of Interest


I love cooking different meals, Baking


Hiking, Spending time outdoors




Watching T.V., Movies, Photography, Gaming, Family reunions

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Where in the world?

What’s the weather there now?

Ann Arbor

Broken clouds


Enriching Experience

Rated 5 out of 5

We needed to get passed the linguistic barrier at the start, but it quickly turned into a lot of fun! Allie is a fantastic Cc Guide, energetic and sparkling! A great moment spent, to be renewed.


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