Being a student and having to work

– Difficult choice –

Being a student and having to work isn’t always easy. Some students have assets aside or relatives to help them through these struggling moments. But many students must manage by their own means. This also gives them the opportunity to see what it’s like in the professional world and provides some experience. The jobs found may be in the same field they are studying in, or may not. Whatever the case, they always learn something and who knows, may develop new endeavors.

The students who wish to find a job during the studies have several possibilities. They can choose to evening shifts, weekends, fill in whenever needed, really anything to help obtain that extra cash.

Being a student and having to work

But when choosing an extra activity, it must not become a burden to continue the studies. It’s not always easy to find a decent job in which the student can choose his own schedule, work from wherever he is, and earn that extra cash needed so much.

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– Become a Cc Guide –

With Culture Chat, students are welcome to become a Cc Guide. The job consists in chatting online about their culture, customs, and their region of the world, all this in their language. The Cc Sessions last 40 minutes and the Users practice languages just by speaking to our worldwide Cc Guides. It’s the next step after having learnt a language to practice and  know more about the region of the world they are fond of. Some users wish to discover what it’s like living in the other part of the world, prepare a trip, wish to immigrate, discover new lands, or are simply curious.

People who wish to earn an additional income and become a Cc Guide (no diploma is required) can apply here: https://culturechat.us/become-a-cc-guide/

You will earn an interesting wage, be paid every two weeks, have a fun job, work from your own environment anyplace in the world, and decide weekly when you wish to be available. You will now be able to say that being a student and having to work is as easy as A, B, C.

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