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Hey, I’m Katie! While I technically hold a passport to the...

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My name is Alec from New York, USA. Although I’ve studied...

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Hello!  My name is Allie (she/her), and I’d love to be...

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Hi everyone! I’m Nicole and I’m “Ze Frenchie” in Florida, USA!...

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Hi, I’m Kat! Now who hasn’t heard about famous Los Angeles,...

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Bonjour! My name is Vincent, and I am from Québec, Canada....

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Soon Available for bookings. Spanish roots open to the world! Region:...

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やあ, I’m Yui. I have always lived in Tokyo, but have...

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Soon available for bookings. Let the amazing New Zealand culture concur...

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Soon available for bookings. The culture of Madagascar has so much...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Cc Guides come from all over the world! Each region of the globe has its own culture, vocabulary, dialect and ways of doing things.

You too can “Become a Cc Guide” and share your culture with the world!

Our Cc Guides, coming from different regions of the globe, have each their own special characteristics. Click on their photo to learn more about them, their region, and their points of interest.

Culture Chat is always looking for motivated people speaking any language from any region of the world to join the team!

Feel free to fill out the form “Become a Cc Guide” to introduce yourself! It’s fun and you can earn a significant income in the comfort of your own environment!

No, but English is always useful. During your videoconferences with the User, access to an online word translator can sometimes come in handy.

But in principle, the Users already have notions in your language and they want to improve their skills by learning your regional vocabulary and listening to your accent, while discovering your culture.

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