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Hey, I’m Katie! While I technically hold a passport to the United States, I consider myself a citizen of the world. I have lived on five continents and have visited over 60 countries. Working remotely over the last 6 years has allowed me to have the freedom to explore various corners of the globe (Covid …

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My name is Alec from New York, USA. Although I’ve studied many languages I only speak English fluently. I’ve taught SCUBA diving for the last 4 years including in the classroom with students from many countries and different ages. I’ve taught in Thailand, Zanzibar, India, and now Indonesia. Now I’m teaching online English as well. …

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Hello!  My name is Allie (she/her), and I’d love to be your online Culture Chat Guide! I am a Chinese adoptee who grew up and lived my whole life in Pennsylvania, USA. I currently live/work in Michigan with my partner and 2 cats. There are many places in Michigan that I’ll be happy to show …

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Hi everyone! I’m Nicole and I’m “Ze Frenchie” in Florida, USA! I am originally from the Champagne region in France (where the famous bubbly wine is made!). I live in Northwest Florida, near the beautiful Emerald Coast in the Gulf of Mexico. If you’d like to know more about how real life is in those …

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Hi, I’m Kat! Now who hasn’t heard about famous Los Angeles, the largest city in California, with its film and television industry? But have you ever wondered what it was like living every day in Los Angeles? As a woman who has lived there for 7 years, I can confidently say I know my city …

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Bonjour! My name is Vincent, and I am from Québec, Canada. I live in Mont-Tremblant, which is a cute resort just North-West of Montreal. There are plenty of activities to do here and if you like nature and wild life, well this is the place you need to be! My first language is French, but …

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Soon Available for bookings. Spanish roots open to the world! Region: SpainLanguages: Spanish – French – English Points of Interest Cuisine: Tapas, light food Travel: Many countries in Europe Art: Abstract (Picasso!) Literature: Novels Music: All kinds of music Musician: I can play some violin. Sports: Running, jogging, hurdles, basketball Other: I hike when I …

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やあ, I’m Yui. I have always lived in Tokyo, but have travelled in Asia and across the United States. I am proud of just having finished my degree in Communication. I have also passed a proficiency in English which will open many doors in my future. People of my country don’t often know foreign languages. …

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Soon available for bookings. Let the amazing New Zealand culture concur you! Region: New ZealandLanguage: English Points of Interest Cuisine: Any Travel: Out at sea Music: Good Rock, Heavy Musician: Guitar and Trumpet Sports: Boating, Jet Ski DIY Works: Fixing boats Other: Fishing, all activities on the sea Culture Chat Where in the world? Book …

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Soon available for bookings. The culture of Madagascar has so much to offer! Region: MadagascarLanguages: Malagasy – French Points of Interest Cuisine: I cook a great Romazava! Arts: Origami Music: I listen to most music. Musician: I play piano a bit. Sports: I love watching Rugby Other: I like gardening. Culture Chat Where in the …

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