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The Cc event is an Exclusivity of Culture Chat!

Hello Cc Guide! You have a great idea for a Cc Event? That sounds awesome!

As you know, Cc Events are group events which can gather up to 100 connected Users to follow it. Your Cc Event must, of course, be of interest to the Users, be specific to attract the greatest amount of Users, and you must animate it while having fun! There are many options and ideas you can submit, your imagination being the only limit! Please be creative and try to build up your communication strategy to keep the User’s attention as you will most likely have little or no interaction with them.. Our Culture Chat Communications and Marketing team team can help you achieve your goals and will be here to assist you.

Remember you earn 10% on top for each participant!

So make it a big show!

With Culture Chat

Don’t dream of another culture. Live it!

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