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Bonjour! My name is Vincent, and I am from Québec, Canada.

I live in Mont-Tremblant, which is a cute resort just North-West of Montreal. There are plenty of activities to do here and if you like nature and wild life, well this is the place you need to be!

My first language is French, but I speak English as well, and also have a basic knowledge in Spanish. We have a specificity in Québec, as we are enclaved French speakers amongst English speakers everywhere. After all, we were founded by the French, but were conquered by the English, so you can consider us a little bit of both.

I love my culture, my province and my country. If you want to know more about the people, the culture, the different regions, the food or what we do on in an ordinary day, take me as your guide and I will tell you about all of this!

Also, I traveled quite a bit in Europe, as well as in the US and in Canada. I’ve been in the West of Canada of couple of times , so I know that part of the country too.

I love sports (hockey, bike, hiking, badminton, canoeing, etc.), outdooring, tourism (guiding, for example) and music.

Finally, I really want to share my culture and my region with you. So if you plan on coming here, you’ll learn a lot by choosing me as your Cc Guide!

Book me now and start your Canadian venture to learn everything you want to know and ask any questions you may have about this marvelous country!

Discover the Wilderness of Canada as if you were there!

Region: Canada
Languages: Quebecois – English

Points of Interest


Quebec cuisine, Pâtes, BBQ


Europe (France, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Austria), United States, Quebec, Ontario and West-Canada


Abstract Art (Picasso)


Litterature from Quebec (Patrick Sénécal, for example), biographies, personal development, books on finances


All styles, but not so much country music or death metal


Good percussionist and plays fair guitar (ideal playing next to a bonfire)


Hockey (favorite sport), badminton, ultimate frisbee, bike riding, hiking, canoe et kayak


Animal lover (cats and especially dogs), and loves children (I’m an uncle 6 times already!)

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