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Culture Chat is a web-based platform that allows Users to book video sessions with our Cc Guides, and this all over the world. Our worldwide Cc Guides speak in their local language for you to familiarize yourself with their accent, vocabulary and ways of saying things as well as their culture. You will be totally immersed in their world to discover their way of life. On top, the Cc Guides will propose various and varied topics so that you can enjoy your local experience in their region such as learning their local cuisine, the sites and attractions, see their festivities, learn their customs and many other things. You may also ask your local regional Cc Guide to visit a particular place that you have always dreamed of seeing, or simply just enjoy a chat walking around the city or the countryside. Why not simply discover the Cc Guide‘s culture comfortably relaxed near the fireplace!

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Cc Guides – Who are they?

Our Cc Guides come from all over the world and are proud to represent their region, their culture, and want to share it with the rest of the world. They are enthusiastic, sometimes artists, musicians, influencers, or just ordinary people who like to chat and share their knowledge.

They also organize group Cc Events on a regular basis to allow more Users to follow at the same time the visit of a monument, discover local activities or festivities in their region, organize local cooking lessons, or anything of local interest to share their culture with the world.

You may find their Cc Events listed in our Cc Calendar.

Cc Guide – How to apply?

To apply, simply fill out the “Become a Cc Guide” form on our web site and a video interview will be scheduled to see how motivated you are and how much you love your region of the world!

We will consult your application in a very short delay of time, hoping that you will be selected and will join the worldwide Culture Chat team!

Culture Chat Cc Guide description
Culture Chat Cc Guide description

Cc Guides – Equipment and Qualifications

Each Cc Guide must have his/her own means of communication such as a smartphone, tablet or computer, with a network connection sufficient enough to communicate via videoconference (Zoom). Each Cc Guide will receive the Zoom license rights through Culture Chat.

No particular diploma or certification are needed. The only prerequisites we ask for are friendliness, motivation, that you express yourself clearly in your language, and knowing that you will be communicating with other people who don’t perfectly know your language or accent, you need to be patient. You also need to be a bit inventive, you have to be proud of your region and your culture, and maybe above all…, you must enjoy yourself while chatting to the Users which will lead you to becoming a great Cc Guide!

Cc Guides – The status

The Cc Guides are paid for each 40-minute session they perform.

Once you are selected, Culture Chat sends you your login and password to complete your profile card. You will receive a contract to return duly signed to Culture Chat. You then obtain access to your agenda where you choose the dates and time you are available. You need to update the agenda every week which also gives you flexibility. You can choose to work part-time or full-time, depending on how much you would like to earn. Each Cc Guide is required to perform at least one session per week and you set your limit to receive significant additional revenue. The Cc Guides are paid every two weeks through PayPal.

Culture Chat provides you training and assistance in all times for you to feel comfortable, in a kind and relaxed working atmosphere.

In some regions of the world, it is necessary to declare yourself as an Independent Worker in order to send Culture Chat your invoice for the payment of your sessions.

All this in the comfort of your own environment and while having fun!

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With Culture Chat, don’t dream of another culture. Live it!

Culture Chat Cc Guide description

You wish to become a
Cc Guide?

Don’t hesitate and start sharing your culture! Apply now by clicking below.

Frequent Asked Questions

No. You will be managed by our Culture Chat team who will teach you how to customize your profile, use the agenda for your planning, and provide you tools and hints on how to perform your best to become an excellent Cc Guide.

Sometimes you may feel frustrated because the person in front of you doesn’t perfectly speak your language or doesn’t understand your accent. Patience. You may use online translators to help both better communicate and you will see that after a short chat, you will finally make yourself understood and you will help your interlocutor break down all the barriers.

The only school recognized for our recruitment is the School of Life.

An excellent Cc Guide is open-minded and inventive, has a beautiful personality, enjoys chatting with people who want to discover her/his culture, and makes the Users want to come and visit their beautiful region. You can achieve this by introducing them to the sites and monuments, showing the city or countryside, sharing local activities, traditions and festivities, the cuisine, your language and local vocabulary, your accent and ways of saying things, or simply just by explaining your culture in your region.

Be yourself and be proud of your culture!

Yes. You are paid for every 40-minute session, and you decide how many Culture Chat sessions you wish to do  (1 session minimum per week and you set your limit). Our Cc Guides are paid every 2 weeks through PayPal after having sent their invoice. Depending on how much time you allocate yourself for doing your job as an Independent Worker, you can earn a significant income in the comfort of your own environment.

And all this just by chatting!

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