Hey, I’m Katie! While I technically hold a passport to the United States, I consider myself a citizen of the world. I have lived on five continents and have visited over 60 countries.

Working remotely over the last 6 years has allowed me to have the freedom to explore various corners of the globe (Covid notwithstanding) and learn a ton in the process. It certainly has its fair share of ups and downs but I couldn’t imagine life any other way! I visit cities and countries anywhere from a few days to a year at a time so I have experience acclimating to life in a new environment under many different circumstances.

I speak English, Italian and Spanish – but my preferred method of communication is through the universal language of food. From the heavy layers of Chicago deep dish pizza to the lighter than air Napoletana pizza and everything in between, sharing food is sharing a piece of you and culture!

Whether it’s life in the Midwest (I am from the Chicago area), epic trips, cultural growing pains or anything and everything else you want to know about, I can’t wait to chat with you about it! I want to hear your questions, your input, your curiosity and your doubts.

The connections I’ve made with culture and language throughout my travels have truly changed my life. Let me help you get your foot in the door for your upcoming adventures as you continue creating your story.

I’m continuously travelling around the world so come follow me with Culture Chat! You will learn so much and have fun! 

Actual Region: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Languages: English – Spanish – Italian

Points of Interest


Last meal – fajitas! Favorite cuisine – Italian
Avid cook and become a baker at Christmas.


Lived on 5 continents and already visited more than 60 countries!!! I’m ALWAYS on the move.

Over 60 countries on 5 continents that I would love to share with you!


Participating – Swimming, running, hiking, yoga, snowboarding


Sports 2:

Spectating – Pro football (American), College football (American), College basketball


Non fiction – Memoirs, Growth & Development, 
Fiction – Historical Fiction, thrillers
Lord of the Rings nerd


I love mostly nature, but I really enjoy cities with great vibes too!

I support social justice and language learning.

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