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Practicing foreign languages and discovering new cultures has never been so easy!

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Several packages are available to choose from with discounted prices for a one-to-one “Cc Session”. You will have a videoconference and speak to one of our Cc Guides who will introduce you to his/her culture in their language!

Cc Events

The “Cc Event” is a group activity where our Cc Guides share exotic, local activities and festivities, so stunning and exciting that you will regularly come back to consult and book the upcoming events in our Cc Calendar!

Enjoy a unique experience with Culture Chat!

Culture Chat rates prices packages

Cc Event

Starting at $29!

The Cc Event is an exclusivity Culture Chat allowing you to attend group sessions around the world where your Cc Guide will organize exciting activities!

Check out our Cc Calendar for the upcoming events!

Our Cc Sessions with worldwide Cc Guides

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Culture Chat

Don't Dream of Another Culture. Live it!

Discovery Pack

1 Cc  

(Cc Session $59 by direct payment)

Discover the Culture Chat experience easily with one of our worldwide Cc Guides. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the region’s language and accent. Don’t hesitate to ask all the questions you have in this one-to-one adventure.

Try it to be fully convinced!

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Culture Chat rates prices packages

Stop-Over Pack

  3 Cc

(or $177 by direct payment)

Save while making the fun last with the Stop-Over Pack! You can visit up to 3 destinations and chose which one you like best. Tell us which one you preferred! Discover several cultures around the world with the different Cc Guides of your choice.

Trip Pack

  5 Cc 

(or $295 by direct payment)

This is definitely the Pack designed for those who want to travel the world to discover distant and exotic cultures while saving even more with 5 destinations. Grab your digital backpack and off you go!

Culture Chat welcomes you onboard and wishes you an unforgettable trip around the world discovering new cultures!

Culture Chat Cc Event Trip

Don’t dream of another culture. Live it!

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Business Pack

Allow your students or employees to benefit from this experience to enrich their knowledge of different cultures around the world. Their openness and success will be enhanced.

Invite your future citizens to immerse themselves in the language, culture and customs of your country with Culture Chat.

Culture Chat rates prices packages

Our sessions are conducted by videoconference with Zoom as if you were there!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. As soon as you register, you will be invited to purchase our exchange token, the “Cc”, either individually or in Packs of 3 or 5, allowing you to book individual sessions with the Cc Guide of your choice and in any region of the world.

If you chose a Cc Event, you will book to participate in a group event of your choice being held around the world. You will find the schedule in our Cc Calendar. The prices vary from one event to another depending on the activity.

Yes. A “Cc” is a token that allows you to book one (1) session wherever you want with the Cc Guide of your choice. You may choose as many regions and Cc Guides as you like.

Our Cc Guides are equipped with their own means of communication and it will be an unfortunate circumstance. In the event this happens and the connection is lost for more than five (5) minutes from the Cc Guide’s faulty connection, you will be re-credited with a replacement “Cc”, after notifying us of this misadventure by sending us a request at support@culturechat.us with your Name, Address, and Email on file, as well as a copy of your order receipt.

The Zoom videoconference video will be scrutinized.

We attach great importance to the Cc Guides who represent us. When they apply, we only choose those who show their high cultural spirit and sharing qualities, their kindness, their openness, and we offer them training to provide an optimal service.

After each session, the User is invited to leave an appreciation to the Cc Guide in order to improve his/her performance.

We are constantly evolving to provide Users with a Cc Guide in every region of the world. We invite you to regularly visit our updated “News page” and subscribe to our regularly updated “Cc Newsletters” which will highlight the new regions that will be open for your pleasure.

How about you? Would you like to become a Cc Guide and share your culture with people around the world?

The Cc Event is a group session where you do not have (or very little) interaction with the Cc Guide who organizes a special activity so that you live an experience as if you were there.

The price of the Cc Event depends on the activity proposed and is always announced in the Cc Calendar. (starting at $29 and a payment by “Cc” is not permitted)

Please be aware that there is a limit of attendees to each Cc Event so the reservations are done on a first come / first serve basis. So don’t forget to book in advance.

The Cc Events prices vary from one event to another so the paiements can only be made by PayPal, debit or credit card via our secured PayPal portal.

Please note that in case the Cc Event were to be cancelled, you will be reimbursed within 30 days (less transaction fees), after you have summited your reimbursement request (following our Terms & Conditions).

All the prices and the purchase of the “Cc” are expressed in US Dollars ($USD). The purchases you make will automatically be charged in your local currency through our secured PayPal portal.

Please note that you cannot use a “Cc” to purchase a Cc Event.

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