Travelling during a worldwide pandemic

– It’s not easy travelling these days –

Travelling during a worldwide pandemic is difficult, if not impossible. In the situation we all face today, there are travel restrictions in most places to limit the spread of the world virus. Nevertheless, it must not prevent us from discovering new cultures. It is of utmost importance we reconnect to people around the world. Although we still cannot physically visit other countries like we did before, there is a solution for adventure-hungry travelers, tourists or businesses. If you want to discover another culture at the other side of the planet, a solution exists.

Even when travel will return to normal, the sanitary measures put into place will be extremely restrictive. Quarantines, PCR tests, not to mention the places that will still be inaccessible, it will be difficult to leave with a quiet mind.

Travelling During A Worldwide Pandemic

The solution is Culture Chat! With the implementation of its web platform, it is possible to interact with Cc Guides all around the world and to get the feeling of being a local.

When chatting with our Cc Guides, you will realize that the journey does not stop at your door, but rather continues to the place you wish to be, whatever the circumstances.

For the price of a cheap plane ticket, you can digitally leave anywhere you wish in the world, providing a Cc Guide is there. By developing this network of partners (that you also can join), Culture Chat frees you from the restrictions on travel, as well as many additional costs that can weigh on the balance.

Travelling During A Worldwide Pandemic

– A new concept for the pandemic lockdown –

This new concept for cultural exchange allows everyone to fully enjoy an exotic experience at low cost and without constraints. No more hassle planning holidays exactly when you know you would need them the most but can’t free yourself.

You can now experience a cultural exchange at the other side of the planet thanks to Culture Chat, even during your lunch break!

For those who wish to prepare a trip when the pandemic situation will be behind us, our Cc Guides based all over the planet will introduce you to their cultures. Imagine how much time you will save by already being familiar with the language, accent, customs, and culture of the people you are going to meet. Whether you wish to discover places unknown to tourists to experience the real life of the place of your choice, or practical information on living there, our Cc Guides will help you feel local. You no longer have any excuse for travelling during a worldwide pandemic.

Save time and constraints to reach the heart of cultures around the world with Culture Chat!

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