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やあ, I’m Yui. I have always lived in Tokyo, but have travelled in Asia and across the United States.

I am proud of just having finished my degree in Communication. I have also passed a proficiency in English which will open many doors in my future. People of my country don’t often know foreign languages.

I enjoy living in Tokyo. One of my favorite activities is to walk in parks and follow the seasons that change the aspect of the trees. All the parks here are very tidy and it’s just wonderful to walk around and admire them. The most popular trees in Japan are the Ginkgo, Flowering Dogwood and the Cherry trees which blossom at the end of March each year. It’s beautiful. I think that’s my favorite period of the year.

My mother does the best Tempura in town and that’s why it’s my favorite dish. I’m still trying to learn the recipe but I think I will need more practice until I make it so good.

Tokyo is a marvelous place and you will be pleased to learn more about our culture and traditions.

さようなら (Sayonara)

Discover Japan, the land of the rising sun

Region: Japan
Languages: Japanese – English

Points of Interest


Tempura, Sushis, but I like many dishes


Asia, U.S.A.


I am a artist painter so I like mine


I read a lot with no preference





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